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Temples of Valluvanad

The Angadipuram Temple

The Valluvanad region has several beautiful temples, each with its own history and traditions. Here we try to bring you a few of them.
Ramapuram Sreerama Kshetram
Mankada Koottil Sivakshetram
Kongad Thirumandhakunnu

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A history of this temple, which has become a place of pilgrimage in Kerala, including its legends, location, and main features of interest.
The Legend of Mandhata
The Angadipuram Pooram
Singer-devotee Rama Poduval

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Murals of Kottakkal Sivakshetram

Customs of Kerala Temples

The Shiva Temple in Kottakkal, the town made famous by its tradition of Ayurveda, has a wealth of murals that are relatively unknown to the outside world, but worth seeing.

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The customs of temples of Kerala are different in many respects from temples in other south Indian states. A visit to a Kerala temple is more meaningful if you understand these customs.
Bimbaradhana or idol worship

Rituals to increase Chaitanya

How rituals improve health

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